Indoor Gardening Tips

One of the great advantages of GreenCure is that it can be used indoors. GreenCure is an odorless spray and a respirator is not required during application.

Lights out after spraying.

Turn off lights after spraying to prevent burning. Avoid direct sun through greenhouse glass or windows. Make sure plants are well hydrated prior to spraying. GreenCure is a foliar fungicide meant to be sprayed on leaves and stems and is not effective as a systemic. It should not be added to hydroponic water systems.

Follow mixing directions.

Typically 1 to 2 tablespoons per gallon of water. Test your mix ratio on a few plants and monitor results. Adjust mix accordingly.

Spray to cover. Do not saturate.

GreenCureĀ® kills powdery mildew instantly.

As shown in this electron microscope image a live, untreated mildew spore is plump. The two spores that are crushed and dehydrated were treated with GreenCure. Sometimes dead spores will remain on plant surfaces. You’ll know you’ve been successful if mildew changes from live bright white to dead dull white / gray.