National Home Gardening Club Member Tested

GreenCure® has received the “Member Tested – Seal of Approval” by the National Home Gardening Club. Over 350 members from across the country tested GreenCure and gave a 90% approval rating! Below are some of the National Home Gardening Club member comments about GreenCure®.

“Member Tested – Seal of Approval” Testimonials:

“I have a miniature rosebush that was covered with a white powder. I used GreenCure® and the very next morning the plant was all green. I can’t believe it worked that quick…I would highly recommend GreenCure to everyone.”

Louisville, KY

“We started using GreenCure® at the beginning of the season in two week intervals and the results were just short of amazing. Leaf rust gone, scale gone, powdery mildew non-existent! Terrific product.”

Citrus Heights, CA

“This product works extremely well to prevent and treat rose fungus and black spot. My roses have never looked better.”

Howe, OK

“I have fought to save my Clematis from Botrytis Blight ever since I planted them. Nothing has helped until I tried this product. They were spectacular this year. GreenCure actually does what it claims.”

Chillicothe, OH

“I always get the black fungus on my Citrus Fruit Trees that I keep in my greenhouse. This year only one plant got the fungus. I immediately applied GreenCure®. The fungus stopped on this plant. I then applied it to the other trees and no other ones got the black fungus. Amazing.”

Volant PA

“I had mold & rot on my Dusty Millers and Roses – now I have beautiful plants. I’m no longer embarrassed over them. Thank you.”

Grants Pass, OR

“This worked when nothing else I tried worked and in one season too!”

Oakland City, IN

“I used GreenCure® as a preventative on my squash, pumpkins and cucumbers. I was amazed that I didn’t have any powdery mildew problems. Friends couldn’t believe my pumpkin patch when they came to pick pumpkins.”

South Shore, SD

“I’m so glad I got to test GreenCure®. I’ve always had trouble with Powdery Mildew and Black Spot. No more! I even conducted my own test. I have 3 early Phlox plants. Two of them received a weekly application of GreenCure®. The third didn’t and developed mildew right on schedule, while the other two are mildew free.”

Whittemore, MI