Jan 062014


 Most wanted mirrorless camera portrait lens – Fuji 52mm f1.2.

Finally Fuji released the most expected portrait lens, 56mm f1.2 (85mm equivalence on FF).

Slowly but Surely, Fuji is offering some stellar lens that will make every passionate photographer happy. Now you have the opportunity to build a nice system on Fuji having great sensor (even though bloggers like Steve Huff do not like them) and great lens.

Even though it costs almost 1000$ I think this lens will be a success and will capture great portraits.

Fuji 56mm lens has 11 elements in 8 groups. Image quality is guaranteed through the „two extra low-dispersion elements and one double-sided aspherical element, plus four elements with a convex surface facing the subject, which combine to reduce spherical and chromatic aberrations and by Fujifilm’s proprietary HT-EBC coating.”

For the bokeh fans, this lens has seven-blade rounded diaphragm.

No worries about autofocus (fuji x-pro1 and x-e1, before firmware updates were known as having slow auto focus) because Fuji guarantees fast autofocus and silent operations.

More details on: http://www.fujifilm.com/news/n140106_07.html


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