Dec 102013

What do you think?

Is Olympus om-d em1 the best mirrorless camera and a real DSLR competitor?

It is a mirrorless camera, but it looks like a DSLR camera.


When compared to DSLR, mirrorless cameras prove them selves as great competitor: APS-C sensor, a lot of manual settings, very short shutter speeds, high iso capability, high flash speed synk, etc.

But in experience a list of specifications is not enough.

How fast the camera reacts, how easy to configure is it, how good the auto focus system is, etc are questions raised oft by those who went from dslr to mirrorless camera.

If we look on the specification list of Olympus om-d e-m1, we notice specs like: 1/8000 sec top shutter speed, 1/320 sec flash sync, up to ISO 25,600, On-sensor phase detection elements, no low-pass filter, Magnesium alloy body etc.

We know that Olympus has also stellar lens like 75mm, 45mm, 12mm and the new zoom Zuiko 12-40mm f2.8

So, given this facts, what is your opinion? Would you give up your DSLR for this mirrorless camera?

Soon, I will upload a review about Olympus OM-D EM1.





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  1. I have Olympus EM1 and I love it. The best mirrorless! I do not miss my dslr gear.


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