Dxo optics Pro

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Dec 082013

Mirrorless cameras have great image quality and high iso options.

Even though, things like noise, distortion, chromatic aberrations need to be corrected or maybe… you want to have more enhanced colors.

There is a joke about a photographer that goes on the top of the mountain and suddenly he finds a wonderful view.

From there you could see the land, the sea, the mountains, the beautiful sky, etc.

It was a great view, a dream view.

After some time he says: The view is nice, I think it need a little more saturation…


DxO Optics Pro gives you this possibility.

The main features are:

-Great noise reduction:

- Intelligent optical corrections (distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberrations, lens softeness);

- Exposure control;

- Color management;

- Presents like: portrait, landscape, hdr, etc.

- Geometric corrections;

You can download a trial to test a fully-functioning version for one month.



If you want to be creative and change the mood of your pictures you may be interested in DxO FilmPack.  It give you a lot of film simulation options.


What app do you use to correct or enhance your photos? Please share us your opinion!