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You can pimp not only your car or bike but your mirrorless camera too.

There are on the market so many accessories that make your camera unique and special. Today we will look a bit into the world of accessories for pimping your mirrorless camera.

No.1 Soft button - not all the cameras allow you this option. Fuji (because they have a retro-styled look they give you this opportunity, and because there is the possibility to use a Shutter Release Cable like on the old cameras).


xe1_silver_backNo.2 Thumbrest - I believe all mirrorless cameras have a flash hot shoe that can be used to install the thumbrest and, as the name already says, it puts your thumb to rest and gives you a better grip.

Some mirrorless camera like Olympus OM-D E-M5 already have a built in thumb rest.

There are some high quality thumbrests like this one in the picture, from lensmateonline, or cheaper ones, but lower quality.

The thumb rest (higher quality) is not destroying your hotshoe and does not leave scratches on the camera.


EM5BS23No.3 Leather half case

It`s for protection, for a better grip but also for a better stylish look.

Some of them are simple and they do not offer you many options, or some do not even allow you to use a tripod when the case is mounted (the original leather case for Fuji X-e1, x-e2). But other are well custom made and do not restrict you from using all the options, connections ports, tripod etc.

Some of them are really well made, like this one in the picture. It`s from Gariz. It is not cheap buy you will have high quality. Gariz is a well known brand for this kind of accessories giving you the opportunity to choose a lot of colors and textures for different kind of mirrrorless camera brands.

No.4 Mirrorless camera grips.

For a good example you can see my previous post.

No. 5 Leather straps

Like this one below from gordyscamerastraps that is „elegant and rugged all at once” and handmade.


Image sources: Thumbrest and soft button: Leather half case: Leather strap:


So, in the end I would like to know your opinion about how you personalize your mirrorless camera, if you pimp it or not and what accessories do you buy.