Wide angle lens for Fuji mirrorless camera users XF 10-24mm F4 R OIS

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Dec 182013

Wide angle lens are well known for architecture or landscape photography allowing you more scene in the picture. In other words, you can capture more elements in your image. On DSLR cameras like Nikon,  Canon or Sony you have some options for wide angle lenses, Sigma also produces a 10-20mm that works for all three [Read more...]

Silver or Black mirrorless camera?

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Dec 152013

Silver or black mirrorless camera. What mirrorless camera color do like? Siver or Black? Some prefer silver because it looks like the old film cameras. Retro mirrorless cameras are very popular these days. Starting with Fuji x100, than with Olympus OM-D E-M1 and Panasonic GX7 there is a trend on the camera market. A few [Read more...]

F mania for F maniacs. New f0.85 mirrorless camera lens

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Dec 132013

New mirrorless camera lens revealed: ibelux 40mm/F0.85 This lens (details on kipon website) will give you a depth of field equivalent to 26.6mm f 1.27 on full-frames at  cameras. The question is who would give about 2000$ on a lens that weights 1.4kg? The biggest disadvantage of this lens is that is only for APS-C sensors. [Read more...]

Micro 4/3 sensors and 4k video

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Dec 112013

What do you thing? Are mirrorless cameras changing the video market? Will the mirrorless cameras replace the video cameras? I remember that when I first read the news about The Black Magic that I was amazed what could they do with a m4/3 sensor. In the world of photographers everybody needs bigger sensors, full-frame usually. [Read more...]

Mirrorless camera bag alternative – Padded Bag

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Dec 102013

A mirrorless camera bag alternative – The Padded Bag I must confess, I do not like classic camera bags. There are on the market brands like ONA or Billingham who sell bags for the  casual or professional photographer, for those that want something out of the ordinary. There are also vintage style leather look camera [Read more...]

Olympus om-d e-m1 new firmware update

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Dec 102013

Until now Fuji was, in my opinion, the most client orientated company when it comes to cameras and problem solving through firmwares. Remember the first version of Fuji X100 or X-Pro1 and how are these now after so many firmware updates? It seems that Olympus is keeping up and now Olympus om-d e-m1 has a [Read more...]

What is your favorite mirrorless camera bag?

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Dec 092013

Most of the bags for mirrorless cameras are lacking style. They are black or grey and everybody knows that you are caring a camera. You cannot match it with your clothes and they are very boring. But…. There are some exceptions, like this one, Billingham… There are also some other brands like ONA or Thinktank. [Read more...]

Dxo optics Pro

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Dec 082013

Mirrorless cameras have great image quality and high iso options. Even though, things like noise, distortion, chromatic aberrations need to be corrected or maybe… you want to have more enhanced colors. There is a joke about a photographer that goes on the top of the mountain and suddenly he finds a wonderful view. From there [Read more...]

World’s first mirrorless cameras with 35mm full-frame sensor

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Dec 072013

If we consider Sony RX1 or Leica M9 we must say that even if they have 35mm full-frame sensors and no mirror, they are not mirrorless cameras, but compact and rangefinder. Sony  launched the world’s first mirrorless cameras with 35mm full-frame sensor. Have you bought this camera? What do you think? If you want to [Read more...]